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Construction Contract

When the design process is complete, whether you choose to use Custom Carpentry Group or another design professional, we decide together the best time for your project to begin and approximately how long it will take. A construction contract that includes the estimated cost of your project will be signed by both parties with an initial construction deposit of 10% of the estimated job cost.

After a start date is established, we will decide which initial material selections need to be made up front. Then we order materials, schedule any needed surveys and take care of obtaining the necessary building permits..

Communication During the Build Process

We strive to make your project go as quickly and smoothly as possible. During construction, communication is of vital importance, and we want to hear any and all thoughts you have as we go through the construction process. When it involves your home environment, nothing is too small or inconsequential to bring to our attention.

Cray will be on site and will remain a hands-on part of the team throughout the project.He will discuss design decisions with you, give you progress updates on subcontractors and materials arrivals, and will coordinate everyone on the jobsite to make your job flow seamlessly.

Brad, our project manager, will be your main contact person during the process. He is available to discuss your job’s progress and scheduling and can answer any questions that come up during the process. He is talented at coordinating the subcontractors and will make sure that the work being performed is of the highest quality.

Kathy will set up a weekly visit schedule with you to discuss materials decisions, timeframes and costs, as well as any changes in the scope of work. At the weekly meeting you will receive an up-to-date invoice to help you keep up with exactly how much your job is costing as we proceed. We strive for transparency in billing, so your invoices will have a line item for each receipt on your job, always available for your review upon request.

The Punchlist

As the project nears completion, we will work together to establish a detailed accounting of all the remaining finishing touches we need to complete. We call this the punchlist. Before you move into and enjoy your new space, we ensure every item on the punchlist is checked off. Once the punchlist is complete to your satisfaction, Kathy will do a final accounting of your job’s costs, and present you with the final invoice. To ensure we have include all the corresponding invoices from vendors and subcontractors, we send you the final invoice about takes 4 to 6 weeks after the punchlist is complete.

Custom Carpentry Group offers a one year warranty, minimum, on all work done by CCG or its subcontractors. We want to ensure our clients feel confident that any issues that arise after the construction process is complete will be taken care of promptly..

Interior and Organizational Design

Often interior design and organizational ideas grow out of the design/build process, and we offer our services to help you finish off the look of your new space. Examples of these services include, but are not limited to, selecting plumbing and electrical fixtures, choosing paint colors, tile and flooring, and selecting kitchen fixtures, appliances and countertops. Kathycan also help you organizing new and existing spaces to make life less stressful and more enjoyable. These are fee-based services, in addition to the design/build service previously contracted.